Malfy Original Gin 175cl

Malfy Gin Originale is distilled with juniper, coriander and five other botanicals. It is blended with pure spring water from the Monviso mountain – the highest altitude source of any spring in Italy.

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Malfy™ Gin is distilled by the Vergnano Family in a traditional pot still using Italian juniper, coastal-grown lemons and six other botanicals. Monks on the Salerno coast in the 11th-century Italy first invented gin by combining locally foraged juniper, alcohol and other spices. It was initially used for medicinal purposes only.
G.Q.D.I. means Gin di Qualità Distilato in Italia. This is a seal and mark of quality and confirms that Malfy™ Gin is distilled by the Vergnano Family in Moncalieri, Italy, using a traditional stainless steel vacuum still.

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