Xibal Guatemala Gin 70cl

It has a complex structure to its taste and aroma, which make you want to explore the drink more. The aroma has predominant basamic juniper tones, with cardamon and more generic herbal back notes. Lemon and orange awaken the senses.
The flavour is herbal, with the juniper coming through along with bay leaves and a hint of pepper. There are notes of sweet citrus too from orange. The finish leaves a touch of cardamon and a light tingle on the tongue from black pepper.

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Taking inspiration from Mayan mythology, this is a gin coming from Guatamala.
As part of its creation, botanical fundamentals which come from the Central American region were utilised. This was done to as to obtain a fusion between its Guatemalan roots, the pre-Columbian Mayan culture and mythology, and today’s drinking trends.
The Guatemalan identity in particular is clear from the bottle. These show symbols and decorations relevant to one of the most important places in Mayan mythology: Xibalba (from which the name of the gin also comes). Xibalba is alegendary middle ground where the Mayan gods challenged the terrains.
The gin itself is created in a micro-distillery and is distilled five times in a traditional copper still.

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